Unique dog names  female dog names unique male dog names and their meanings 


Dog is man's best friend Dogs are know for their loyalty, companionship and unconditional love, they are integral  part of our families from the playful puppy to regal canine,dogs have a special place in our hearts and homes,their faithfulness,affection and boundless energy enrich our lives in countless ways and just like their personalities their names should reflect their unique spirt and individuality.
In this article we will explore most uniqu and creative dog names both female unique name male unique names in English and telugu and the significance of the name in a particulars language,if you're one who searching for unique dog name for female and male.
Heree are some female dog names unique

Female dog names unique telugu
1.Advika :Means protector or guardian it is a strong and independent name
  •     "Anjali",
  •     "Charitha",
  •     "Durga",
  •     "Indu",
  •     "Kalpana",
  •     "Lakshmi",
  •     "Manasa",
  •     "Padma",
  •      "Aaradhana",
  •     "Amrutha",
  •     "Ananya",
  •     "Anjali",
  •     "Avantika",
  •     "Bhagya",
  •     "Chandana",
  •     "Charitha",
  •     "Deepthi",
  •     "Durga",
  •     "Eshwari",
  •     "Gauri",
  •     "Haritha",
  •     "Indu",
  •     "Janaki",
  •     "Kalpana",
  •     "Krishnaveni",
  •     "Lakshmi",
  •     "Madhavi",
  •     "Manasa",
  •     "Nandini",
  •     "Padma",
  •     "Priya",
  •     "Radhika",
  •     "Ramya",
  •     "Sandhya",
  •     "Saraswati",
  •     "Shraddha",
  •     "Srilakshmi",
  •     "Sruthi",
  •     "Swathi",
  •     "Tejaswini",
  •     "Uma",
  •     "Vaishnavi",
  •     "Yamuna"
Uniqu female dog names from other languages

Some more female dog unique Names Inspired by Nature
In Greek language Breeze Signifying "west wind" , Breeze is a delicate and relieving name for a female canine.
willow implies Inspiring the class and beauty of a willow tree, Willow is a female and quiet name.
 The name of a shudder aspen tree, Aspen is a sensitive and beguiling name for a female canine.
 A fragrant spice known for its mending properties, Sage is a savvy and sustaining name.
The Roman goddess of blossoms, Vegetation is a delightful and energetic name for a female canine.
A few additional exceptional female Names with Scholarly Appeal
Propelled by the fiery hero of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is a brave and free name.
An immortal and majestic name, Elizabeth is ideally suited for a canine with a queenly disposition.
Signifying "she who gives joy" in Latin, Beatrice is a happy and hopeful name.
The name of the savvy and free bug in Charlotte's Internet, Charlotte is a cunning and clever name.
 A work of art and charming name, Anne is ideally suited for a canine with a delicate and cherishing nature.
Some more female uniqu canine Names with Worldwide Energy
Signifying "cherry bloom" in Japanese, Sakura is a delightful and sensitive name for a female canine.
 Signifying "eminent blossom" in Hawaiian, Leilani is a charming and colorful name.
Signifying "alive" in Arabic, Aisha is a lively and fiery name for a female canine.
Signifying "light" in Latin, Lucia is a brilliant and edifying name.
 The Norse goddess of affection, magnificence, and fruitfulness, Freya is a strong and captivating name.

Names with an Idiosyncratic Curve

 A fun loving and energetic name for a female canine with a red hot soul.
Bringing out a feeling of wizardry and happiness, Shimmer is a superb and unusual name.
Will be added a few additional interesting female and male names you can visit this blog further

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